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#GlobalSoilMacrofauna is a consortium of researchers working on soil macrofauna communities.

Soil macrofauna are all invertebrates that live in the soil, with a body size larger than ~ 1.5mm.

They strongly influcence soil functionning, nutrient recycling and plants' growth.

What we do

We aim at identifying the main patterns and drivers of soil macrofauna biodiversity at large scale, and understanding the links with ecosystem functionning and ecosystem services delivery, in particular through the fluxes of matter.

We centralize data of soil macrofauna abundance (density and biomass), collected with a standardized method called "TSBF", into a global database.

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The MACROFAUNA database

Most data come from transects made up of five 25 x 25 cm soil monoliths. The database includes data taken at different resolution: at layer, monolith and transect levels.

Records accross the globe


Soil monoliths with data by layer depth

Soil monoliths

Join us & contribute

If you are interested in joining the group, please send an email to the contact.

To propose a new dataset for the database, please use the template.

Funders & Partnerships



2022 - 2024

sDiv grant (Leipzig, Germany)

  • PIs: Jérôme Mathieu & Nico Eisenhauer
  • Scope: Global patterns of soil macrofauna biodiversity and primary productivity
  • Project's website


2022 - 2024

France - Brazil joint Project funded by CESAB - Sinbiose - cNPQ - CEBA

  • PIs: Jérôme Mathieu, Miguel Cooper, George Brown
  • Scope: Links between soil macrofauna and ecosystem services in the South American Neotropics
  • Website



France - Canada CESAB-CIEE joint Project

  • PIs: Zoe Lindo & Jérôme Mathieu
  • Scope: Ecosystem services based on soil food webs in the Neotropics



International Emerging Action, CNRS - University of Sao Paulo

  • PIs: Jérôme Mathieu & Miguel Cooper
  • Scope: Illuminating hidden and endangered ecosystem services in neotropical forests



CNRS - University of Sao Paulo joint PhDs program

  • PIs: Jérôme Mathieu & Miguel Cooper
  • Scope: The relationship between soil macrofauna biodiversity and ecosystem services delivery across ecosystem managements in neotropical rainforest biomes



2022 - 2026

EU Horizon project

Scope: Developing an image based solution for rapid assessment of soil macrofauna biodiversity.


SoilBon & SoilBonFoodWebs

2022 - Present

A global network that monitors soil fauna

  • We harmonize our stantards for data interoperability
  • Website


2022 - present

A fundation promoting open data about soil

  • OpenGeoHub helps us to map our results and to deliver them.
  • Website


We intend to publish a series of papers in resarch journals, and also maps of data, as well as the global database. Stay tuned, more to come!

Please send an email to the PIs if you want to receive the newsletter of the project.

Brown & al. 2024 - Biodiversity Data Journal

Publication in GBIF of 29 soil macrofauna datasets from brazil Paper

Lavelle & al. 2022 - GEB

The first paper on the legacy database. Paper

Mathieu & al. 2022 - Soil Organisms

The paper to know everything about the project! Paper


The present leaders of the consortium are

  • Jérôme Mathieu Main Coordinator
  • Contact jerome.mathieu@upmc.fr
  • Patrick Lavelle Fundator of the consortium
  • George Brown Co-Fundator of the consortium
  • Nico Eisenhauer sDiv project co-leader
  • Miguel Cooper CESAB-Sinbiose project co-leader